Does Car Insurance Cover the Car or the Driver?

Insurance Agent Examining Car After Accident


Now that you’ve found a new vehicle for your Old Saybrook commute and weekend travels, you’ll just need to get it insured. But, what kind of coverage should you choose for your vehicle? What does full coverage cover? Learn the basics of car insurance coverage with the finance center at Westbrook Toyota to see which kind of insurance coverage is the best option for you.

Who is Covered Under Car Insurance?

So, does car insurance cover the car or the driver? Who exactly is covered under car insurance? This will depend on what type of insurance you choose as well as other factors. Some insurance is made to cover the car while some are made to cover the driver. As a Madison driver pondering your insurance choices, here are some things to know: 

  • If you have comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance, then the vehicle may be covered as well as drivers not on the policy. 
  • With liability insurance, the driver may be covered when they are driving someone else’s vehicle like a rental car or a friend’s car. 

The reason we mention liability often is that many times, insurance policies cover the same situation. Because of this, one policy is often considered to be the primary coverage. This policy is the one that pays for everything until it passes the coverage limit. When the primary coverage hits its coverage limit, then the secondary coverage might be able to take care of the remaining expenses. 

Liability vs. Comprehensive Coverage

If you’re still wondering, “What does full car insurance cover?”, then let’s go over that in a little more detail. Full coverage is not a specific type of insurance policy since it’s a combination of multiple coverage types. An example of full coverage would be if you had comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage. Here are the main differences between these insurance types: 

  • Comprehensive: This coverage policy covers the insured vehicle. Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle that’s not physical. An example of this type of damage would be if anything was stolen from your vehicle. 
  • Collision: This coverage policy also covers the insured vehicle. The difference with this policy is that it mainly covers physical damage done to your vehicle. 
  • Liability: This coverage policy covers the driver. As long as it’s an eligible vehicle, liability covers the driver no matter whose vehicle is being driven. 

Is My Child Covered Under Car Insurance?

Usually, your children will automatically be covered under your insurance policy provided that they are under 18 years old and live in your house. If they are over 18, then you may have to register them under your insurance policy. Check with your insurance provider to make sure this is the case since different providers may have different rules and regulations. To go over your specific coverage options in more detail, visit Westbrook Toyota near Clinton or online. 

Know Your Options at Westbrook Toyota

Does car insurance cover the car or the driver? The answer will depend on the insurance coverage you have. Contact us to explore your insurance options to decide which option is the best choice for you.

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