How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

2023 Toyota bZ4X Charging

When it comes to making the switch to an electric vehicle like the Toyota bZ4X, drivers want to know more about electric car charging times and options. Since fueling up at a Old Saybrook gas station is a relatively quick process, getting used to charging an electric car will likely be the biggest driving habit you’ll have to change and get acclimated to when you switch to an EV. You’ll have several options when it comes to charging your EV — domestic, rapid domestic, and public charging — each one takes a different amount of time. Learn more about electric car charging times with Westbrook Toyota.

Electric Car Charging Options

  1. Domestic Outlet Home Charging (Regular Outlet): You likely already have a grounded three-prong outlet in your garage that you can used for charging your electric car. However, this is the slowest option. It generally takes around 24 hours to get a full charge using this method, but it’s a great way to top off your battery after your daily commute from Madison. This is called Level 1 Charging.
  2. Installed Brand-Approved Rapid Domestic Charging: Level 2 Charging is typically from a professionally installed home charger that uses 240V. This will be significantly faster than using a regular grounded household outlet. Think hours, not days. DC fast chargers (as opposed to AC ones) are also common. It’s not unheard of to obtain an 80 percent charge in a half an hour or forty minutes, but that extra 20 percent will take longer as there’s a diminishing rate of charging speed. Most home chargers offer 3.7 kW or 7 kW charging.
  3. Public Charging: You can charge on-the-go in Clinton at parking garages, malls, hotels, and even apartment buildings. You’ll often find charging stations at big-name national stores like Walgreens and Kohls, and more charging stations are being added every day across the country. These charging stations vary in type and speed, but often provide Level 3 charging speeds. Some public chargers even offer emissions-free renewable energy charging with solar panels or wind turbines! Public stations can offer 22 kW charging, 43-50 kW rapid charging, and 150 kW rapid charging.

Do you drive a plug-in hybrid like the Toyota Prius Prime? Your charging times will be much lower because the battery is smaller than what’s found in an EV. Expect 1-4 hours to fully charge.

Find Your Electric Vehicle at Westbrook Toyota

When you’re ready to make the switch to an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, pay a visit to Westbrook Toyota for test drives, and to learn more about your charging options. You can learn more about EV, hybrid, and traditional vehicles by checking out our Toyota information hub.


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