When to Replace a Serpentine Belt

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It’s no surprise that parts on your car need to be replaced in order to keep driving smoothly on the Old Saybrook roads. Of the parts that will eventually need to be replaced in your vehicle, the serpentine belt is one of the most important. How long does a serpentine belt last? Being made of durable rubber, a serpentine belt can last anywhere from around 50,000-100,000 miles. Learn when to replace a serpentine belt and more with the service center at Westbrook Toyota.

What Is a Serpentine Belt? 

Now that you have an idea of how long a serpentine belt lasts, you might be wondering if there are signs you can look out for to know when it needs to be replaced. To know when to replace a serpentine belt, it’s helpful to understand what a serpentine belt is and what its functions are. The serpentine belt is a long, rubber belt that sends power to the air conditioning system, water pump, power steering pump, and alternator. In order to efficiently send power to all of the necessary systems inside your vehicle, the serpentine belt needs to be in good condition. 

Signs the Serpentine Belt Needs to Be Replaced

Because of their rubber material, serpentine belts will crack, peel, and wear down over time. To know if it’s time to replace your serpentine belt, look for the following signs: 

  • Your air conditioning or power steering systems fail. 
  • Parts of your vehicle completely break down, which can be dangerous on the Madison roads. 
  • If you hear strange noises, these could be signs that the belt is stretching, has low tension, or is otherwise damaged. 
  • If you can visibly see that the belt has suffered some wear and tear, then you’ll want to have the belt replaced. 

If you notice these signs or other occurrences that indicate your serpentine belt needs to be replaced, then don’t hesitate to schedule a visit with our service department at Westbrook Toyota. 

What Does a Belt Tensioner Do? 

One tool you can use to help keep the serpentine belt in good condition is called a belt tensioner. A belt tensioner uses an internal spring and pulley system to hold a certain amount of tension on the serpentine belt to prevent damage. They also help keep the belt in place. This is important since loose belts can cause systems like the power steering, cooling system, and engine to fail. Whenever you get your serpentine belt replaced at your local Clinton service center, it’s a good idea to have the belt tensioner replaced as well. 

If you’re more of a DIY driver, you can easily order a serpentine belt, belt tensioner, or any other parts you need through our parts store online at Westbrook Toyota. You can save on every purchase with our rotating parts specials

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Now that you know when to replace a serpentine belt, you can take the necessary steps to get your vehicle serviced at our service center here in Westbrook. Contact us to set up an appointment and save on every visit with our service specials.

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